The Missing Merchants
The Missing Merchants
Determine the fate of some merchants in the jungles of Chult.
Requirements Objectives
Costs 100 Firemint Complete Area 50
Rewards Formation
Birdsong icon + xSunesFavor Formation Grand Revel
Restrictions no restrictions

Type Frequency Favored
Beasts: 5 Bosses, 31 Levels Minsc
Fey: 0 Bosses, 0 levels Minsc
Humanoids: 1 Bosses, 0 Levels Minsc
Monstrosities: 3 Bosses, 13 Levels Minsc
Undead: 0 Bosses, 13 Levels Minsc
Aberrations: {{{NumberOfAberrations}}} Zorbu
Elementals: {{{NumberOfElementals}}} Zorbu
Fiends: {{{NumberOfFiends}}} Zorbu
Giants: {{{NumberOfGiants}}} Zorbu
Drow: {{{NumberOfDrow}}} Zorbu
Ranged*: {{{NumberOfRanged}}}
Hit-based: {{{NumberOfHitBased}}}
Outdoors: {{{NumberOfOutdoors}}}
Level Enemy Enemy-Type Enemy-Race
1/51/101 etc. Giant Fly, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
2/52/102 etc. Giant Fly, Panther Beast, Beast
3/53/103 etc. Boar, Panther Beast, Beast
4/54/104 etc. Boar Beast
5/55/105 etc. Boar Beast
Boss Angry Boar Beast
6/56/106 etc. Panther Beast
7/57/107 etc. Panther, Zombie Villager Beast, Undead
8/58/108 etc. Panther, Skeleton, Zombie Villager Beast, Undead, Undead
9/59/109 etc. Panther Beast
10/60/110 etc. Panther Beast
Boss Battle Scarred Panther Beast
11/61/111 etc. Giant Fly Beast
12/62/112 etc. Giant Fly, Will-o'-Wisp Beast, Undead
13/63/113 etc. Giant Fly, Will-o'-Wisp Beast, Undead
14/64/114 etc. Giant Fly Beast
15/65/115 etc. Giant Fly Beast
Boss Swarm of Flies Beast
16/66/116 etc. Giant Rat Beast
17/67/117 etc. Giant Caterpillar, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
18/68/118 etc. Giant Caterpillar, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
19/69/119 etc. Giant Rat Beast
20/70/120 etc. Giant Rat Beast
Boss Assassin Vine Plant
21/71/121 etc. Flying Snake, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
22/72/122 etc. Flying Snake Beast
23/73/123 etc. Flying Monkey, Flying Snake Beast, Beast
24/74/124 etc. Flying Monkey, Flying Snake Beast, Beast
25/75/125 etc. Flying Snake Beast
Boss Flying Snake Swarm Beast
26/76/126 etc. Giant Rat, Zorbo Beast, Monstrosity
27/77/127 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
28/78/128 etc. Flying Monkey, Zorbo Beast, Monstrosity
29/79/129 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
30/80/130 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
Boss Particularly Vicious Zorbo Monstrosity
31/81/131 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
32/82/132 etc. Giant Fly Beast
33/83/133 etc. Giant Caterpillar, Giant Fly Beast, Beast
34/84/134 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
35/85/135 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
Boss Quetzalcoatlus Beast
36/86/136 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
37/87/137 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
38/88/138 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
39/89/139 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
40/90/140 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
Boss Pterafolk Leader Monstrosity
41/91/141 etc. Flying Monkey, Flying Snake Beast, Beast
42/92/142 etc. Crawling Claw, Flying Snake Undead, Beast
43/93/143 etc. Crawling Claw, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
44/94/144 etc. Crawling Claw, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
45/95/145 etc. Crawling Claw Undead
Boss Su-Monster Monstrosity
46/96/146 etc. Skeleton, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
47/97/147 etc. Skeleton, Skeleton Archer (Ranged), Zombie Villager Undead, Undead, Undead
48/98/148 etc. Ghoul, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer (Ranged) Undead, Undead, Undead
49/99/149 etc. Undead, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
50/100/150 etc. Flesh Golem, Zombie Villager Construct, Undead
Boss Nanny Pu'pu Humanoid

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