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Wintershield: December 27th - January 8th
It’s considered lucky to possess and examine a map on Wintershield, and on the last night before Hammer 1st, folk get out their maps and put them up the wee hours. Sales of such things (however inaccurate, irrelevant, or sketchy) tend to be brisk in the tenday preceding this day. Some folk, particularly in Amn, Waterdeep, Sembia, and Chessenta, believe that this "favor of the gods" comes not from hauling out old maps to consult, but by purchasing a new map every year and examining both it and older ones.
Wintershield Adv1 The Merry Map Misadventure
Help a poor map find it's way home for the holidays.
Area Goal Quests & Cinematics
1 Collect 1 Map

Bruenor: I love me Wintersheidl time. Hangin' maps. warmin' up with a hot muf o' strong cider ta fight tha chill. Jawin' about years past and lookin' forward to the new. Right, our map is out herer somewhere! Let's get huntin'!

Wintershield marks a wonderful tradition in the Realms. Maps are bought, studied, and hung, symbolizing marking your path through the new year. See what you can find in the market!

Bruenor: This'll do nicely! Now, time for tha' cider!

2 Kill 25 Monsters With your map in hand, head back to the inn. It's getting dark.
3 Kill 25 Monsters It seems the thieves are getting an early start tonight!
4 Kill 25 Monsters More thieves are trying to steal what's your, including your hard-won map! Well, maybe not hard-won, but you paid good coin for it!
5 Kill Master Thief

You almost don't see him approach -- a master thief tries to steal your precious map!

Map: The first mate of the Second Sun holds the key to the third door!

Jarlaxle: Bruenor, your map just spoke.

Bruenor: Aye.

Jarlaxle: Any chance we're just going to ignore the loud mysterious talking riddle map?

Bruenor: Nay.

6 Kill 25 Monsters

Bruenor: Oi! Map! Say that again!

Map: ...

Celeste: Hmmm... I don't think that will work. Magic like this is unusually tied into certain events or parameters.

Nayeli: It mentioned a first mate and I think I saw a ship called the Second Sun in harbor. Let's start there.

The map falls silent after its initial outburst. Make your way to the docks.

7 Kill 25 Monsters The streets are thick with citizens out buying and putting up maps. Wintershield is in full swing.
8 Collect 20 Rancid Meat An overturned cart has dumped rotten meat in the crowded streets, causing wild dogs to accost the Waterdhavian citizens. Drive off the dogs and clean up the streets.
9 Kill 25 Monsters You reach the Dock Ward. Ask around to find the boat the map mentioned.
10 Kill First Mate

Celeste: Here's the ship, the Second Sun. But even if we find this first mate, we can't just accost an innocent person.

Map: The first mate's heart is hidden in the shadows of the Second Sun. He keeps the key to my freedom.

First Mate: Oi! I know that voice. How did the little weasel get.. You! Who among you spoke?

Bruenor: 'Twasn't us. 'Twas the map.

Jarlaxle: Why!?

Bruenor: Seemed like a good idea at tha time.

First Mate: Kill them and get me that map!

The first mate seems to be involved in this somehow. Defeat her and get the key the map mentioned.

Map: Take the key to the water's end and unlock the third warehouse!

Celeste: That could be any warehouse in Waterdeep./

Nayeli: I would imagine it would be those ones at the end of the docks. Right there. There are only three of them. 

Celeste: I... er... yes. Right. Shall we? 

11 Kill 25 Monsters

Bruenor: Alright map, what else ya got fer us!

Celeste: Shaking it isn't going to work. Like I said before, and I seem to have been proven right, the spell is tied to a specific event.

Bruenor: Aye, I was just testing to make sure shaking wasn't one of 'em.

Celeste: *sigh* Let's just get to the warehouse.

You've gone too far to turn back. The map has directed you to a particular warehouse in the city.

12 Kill 25 Monsters The street is quiet. Too quiet.
13 Collect 25 Pitted Dice You turn a corner and stumble upon a group of wererats gambling at the entrance to an alley. They all seem to be playing with loaded dice.
14 Kill 25 Monsters There wererats don't seem too happy that you interrupted their game. Some of them run to gather reinforcements.
15 Kill Rat King

Nayeli: I imagine this is the place.

Map: This is the place! There is a hidden room inside leading to some tunnels. Find it to find me!

Nayeli: Heh.

As you reach the entrance to the warehouse, the wererats' leader leaps from the shadows and attacks!

16 Kill 25 Monsters

The warehouse looks abandoned. Cobwebs coat the walls and ceiling.

Bruenor: Gah! Bugs!

17 Kill 25 Monsters You spoke too soon. A group of cultists seem to be using this warehouse as a secret base of operations.
18 Collect 10 Lanterns You search around for the hidden room the map mentioned. It's very dark and hard to see. Grab some lanterns for those without darkvision.
19 Kill 25 Monsters After searching you find the entrance to the room mentioned by the map and head through.
20 Kill Dragonclaw

Cult Leader: No! No interference, we're so close! Kill these people and leave no trace!

Jarlaxle: Ah, grand declarations and grave threats. Alwaysa s good way to start the new year.

The leader of the cultists seems to have already found the secret room. Stake your claim!

Celeste: I recognize these outfits. These people are from the Cult of the Dragon. This one is a ranked officer. A... Dragonclaw I think they're called. What are they doing here?

Jarlaxle: Down the tunnel, I suppose?

Bruenor: Aye!

Jarlaxle: Grand.

21 Kill 25 Monsters

You figure you must be getting close.

Map: Take only the tunnels marked with candles! The other paths are very dangerous.

Jarlaxle: The more I think about it, the less clever I think the creatore of this map is. There aren't really riddles, ar they?

Celeste: This may have all been done in a hurry, I suppose.

Jarlaxe: I admit, I'm a touch disappointed.

22 Kill 25 Monsters You follow the tunnels lined with candles, taking care not to lose your way.
23 Kill 25 Monsters The bats should have tipped you off. Battle your way through the vampire nest.
24 Destroy Blockade Someone has set up a blockade across the tunnel. Perhaps trying to block the undead from getting to wherever it is you're going?
25 Kill Ghast

Bruenor: Ugh, what is that smell?

Jarlaxle: That isn't you?

Nayeli: Ghast! Stay out of its reach! Its touch can paralyze!

As you make your way past the blockade, you come across a Ghast wandering the tunnels.

26 Kill 25 Monsters You spot light ahead. The tunnel exit?
27 Kill 25 Monsters You emerge from the tunnel into the forest wreathed in pre-dawn night. Many creatures yet stalk the woods.
28 Collect 25 Breadcrumbs A lightly worn trail leads through the woods. You spot small bits of bread scattered along it.
29 Kill 25 Monsters

You enter a clearing and see a small house. Several cultists are resting outside it. They leap up and attack as you approach.

Bruenor: Judgin' by all these cultists, I bet this be tha place! Right map?

Map: ...

Bruenor: Right!

30 Kill Dragonwing

Map: You've done it! You've found me!

Young Wizard: My map! Oh thank the gods it worked! You're here to rescue me! You are here to rescue me, right?

Cult Wizard: What's going on here?! Why do you and the map sound the same?! Why is there a talking map?! You know what? I don't care. Everyone dies!

A cultist wizard seems dead-set on ending the reunion.

Young Wizard: I'm so glad that worked! I managed to enchant the map and hide it before I was grabbed. It was set to go off at dark. I was hoping it was loud enough for the guards to find it but I'm glad you did instead. You seem... tougher

Nayeli: So why did the Cult of the Dragon kidnap you in the first place? How did you know you'd be here?!

Young Wizard: This place was my nan's smuggling den before my family was, uh, arrested. I told the cult it was here and convinced them it was the best place to bring me for... uh... interrogation. Anyway, that's not important. We have to get back to the city, right now!

31 Kill 25 Monsters

Young Wizard: I'll explain on the way. First off, my name is Chadwick. So, yesterday afternoon I had got a bit cider-drunk in a tavern and started bragging about how I knew deep and terrible arcane secrets, like that my master had an artifact hidden away in a secret vault under the city.

Celeste: That was wildly irresponsible. Is this artifact actually real? Why did the Cult kidnap some random braggart?

Chadwick: Well, I may have also mentioned the name of the artifact, the Dragonstaff of Ahghairon. I may have also mentioned that ie keeps dragons out of Waterdeep. I may have also, also dont it in a deep booming voice because I though it would be more impressive.

Nayeli: Gods save us from the young.

The Cult of the Dragon can't be allowed to take possession of the Dragonstaff of Ahghairon. You've got to head back into the city and stop them!!

32 Collect 25 Breadcrumb-like Pebbles

Bruenor: Folloe me! I know tha way!

In the daylight the forest looks completely different. You've lost the trail leading back to the secret tunnel. Search for those breadcrumbs from earlier.

Celeste: Bruenor, stop! Where are you going?

Bruenor: Following the breadcrumbs from earlier!

Celeste: Those are pebbles! How strong *was* that cider?

33 Kill 25 Monsters

Nayeli: Those weren't breadcrumbs. Those were pebbles. It's this way everyone.

You spot the city just ahead through the dense woodland foliage.

34 Kill 25 Monsters You reach the city walls, but seem to have arrived at the same time that a large number of thieves and bandits are trying to enter the city.
35 Kill Overambitious City Guard

Overambitious City Guard: Look at their gear! They're too well equipped to be common bandits!

Nayeli: Of course... now if you'll just

Overambitious City Guard: They must be the leaders! Get them!

Bruenor: We don't have time fer this. Take him out an' tie him up!

The town guard seems to have gotten you confused with the thieves and bandits trying to enter the city. You don't have time to talk him down.

36 Kill 25 Monsters

Chadwick: This way! We have to get to my master's villa! The vault is hidden underneath.

The field ward is the newest ward of Waterdeep and the poorest. This street seems to have attracted a number of unruly fey. Knock them out.

37 Kill 25 Monsters The fey seem to be delighting in messing with citizens on their way to and fro on morning errands. Maybe they got into the Wintershield cider.
38 Collect 18 Discarded Coin Sack

Chadwick: We really don't have time for this!

Jarlaxle: If you think you can stop them from helping every random passerby, be my guest. I have yet to figure it out.

The street is a mess of panicked citizens and excited fey. Clean it up a bit.

39 Kill 25 Monsters You've entered the city proper. The master's villa should be nearby.
40 Kill Doppelganger

Cultist: Who are these people? You, earn your pay! Stop them!

Doppelganger: You paid me to spy, not to fight!

Cultist: We'll double your pay! Just kill them!

The villa guard has been replaced by a doppelganger. Take it out and make your way inside.

Chadwick: They had a doppelganger replace one of my master's guards? We have to hurry!

41 Kill 25 Monsters

Chadwick: Oh, this isn't good!

Bruenor: Step back lad, and let us do what we need to do.

Celeste: Sometimes I widh he didn't look so happy about how many enemies we have.

Nayeli: Only sometimes?

Make your way to the villa basement, where the entrance to the secret vault is located.

Chadwick: This way! The entrence to the vault is downstairs!

42 Kill 25 Monsters

Barok Clanghammer: Welcome back my apprentice. So many guests in one day. First the Cult of the Dragon and now these fine individuals.

Chadwick: Oh, I'm so glad you're alright. I'm so sorry! This is all my fault. I got drunk and couldn't keep my mouth shut and got kidnapped and enchanted a map and these people found me and then there were pixies and did you know one of our guards was a doppelganger and...

Barok Clanghammer: That's quite enought. I believe this might be the end of my patronage of so untrustworthy an apprentice. Unless, of course, you feel you are up to the task of helping these adventurers defend the secret vault you do seem to love to talk so much about.

Chadwick: I'm so sorry to have let you down after everything you've done for me. I owe you much and more. Of course I will.

On your way down to the basement you encounter the young wizard's mentor.

43 Destroy 2 Blockades In the back of the basement, the vault door yawns open before you. The cultists have summoned some skeletons and set up a blockade to slow your progress.
44 Kill 25 Monsters The vault is larger than you would have thought. There are rooms upon rooms. The cultists are scouring it for the Dragonstaff. Stop them!
45 Kill Barbed Devil

Nayeli: Something is here that does not belong. Can youy not feel it? Like a film on your skin.

Chadwick: Look! What is that?

Nayeli: A barbed devil. Time to send you back to the Nine Hells, wretch! RAAAAAH!

The cultists have summoned a devilish fiend to aid them in their assault.

46 Kill 25 Monsters You regroup and begin to make your way deeper into the vault.
47 Kill 25 Monsters

Chadwick: The Dragonstaff is this way! Hurry, we may yet get there ahead of them!

Cultists swarm you, intent on stopping you from reaching the Dragonstaff's secret room.

48 Kill 25 Monsters The young apprentice knows where the treasure room is; he leads you there.
49 Collect 35 Dragoncoins With the aid of the young wizard, you reach the treasure room just ahead of the cultists. They swarm in behind you. Hold them off!
50 Kill Wearer of Purple

Wearer of Purple: This staff is rightfully ours! You'll not keep it from the glory of the Dragon Queen! This city will bow to the might of Dragonkind! {Draconic}

Cruenor: I didn't understand a word o' tha', but I'm sure it was nice 'n threatenin'!

Wearer of Purple: GRAAAAH!

The leader of the cultists in Waterdeep, a high ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon, charges towards you, howling in Draconic.

Barok Clanghammer: Well done adventurers. And well done my apprentice. You all have my thanks. The artifact is safe, but will most likely need to be moved.

Chadwick: I didn't know if we were going to make it.

Barok Clanghammer: Worry not. I had my own plan had you have failed. Just as I knew about the doppelganger. And just as I know you're going to clean this place top to bottom. Starting right now. Now, it's Wintershield. Who would like some cider? 

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