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Highharvestide: September 28th - October 9th
Highharvestide is upon us. The autumn harvest is marked by feasting and thanks, but this year finds some bandits causing trouble on a few farms near Triboar. Gather your party and put an end to the foolish incursion, and recruit new Champion Stami "Stoki" Gackle while you do it.
HighHarvestTide Adv1 The Bandit's Harvest
Bandits are attempting to pilfer the harvest during Highharvestide and must be stopped.
Area Goal Quests & Cinematics
1 Kill 25 Monsters
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "We've gotten word of bandit scum causing trouble on the nearby farms. There'll be no Highharvestide festival if bandits make off with all the crops."
Upon arriving at the farm you immediately stumble upon a gang of bandits.
2 Collect 25 Bags of Wheat The field are overrun by bandits attempting to cause trouble. Gather bags of wheat before they can make off with it.
3 Kill 25 Monsters Some bandit archers approach from the direction of the farmhouse. Deal with them and then make your way there.
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Let's see what's so interesting over by the farmhouse."
4 Kill 25 Monsters The bandits seem to be trying to distract you from whatever is going on in the Farmhouse.
5 Kill Bandit Ranger A well equipped Bandit Ranger appears from the trees nearby and attacks.
6 Kill 25 Monsters You cautiously enter the farmhouse. The bandits have the farmer and his family tied up in the back.
7 Kill 25 Monsters Bandits attack you from range. How does that even work indoors?
8 Collect 25 Farmer's Mementos Gather some of the farmer's mementos so that the bandits can't steal them on their way out.
9 Kill 25 Monsters The bandits start to edge their way out. Cut off their escape.
10 Kill Bandit Barbarian The door to the back room smashes in and an enraged Bandit Barbarian roars at you.
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Are ye all right, farmer?"
Hurf ava
Farmer: "They didn't hurt us. My name is Hurf, and this is my Grandfather, Jarl."
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Do ye know what the bandits were looking for?"
Hurf ava
Hurf: "I don't know. They didn't say."
Jarl ava
Jarl: "Ain't nothin' of value on this farm but wheat 'n corn."
11 Kill 25 Monsters
ExhaustedRunner ava
Exhausted Runner: "Bruenor! There's another attack at the next farm over."
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Let's go. Maybe we can figure out what these bandits are after."
You've caught wind of another farm nearby coming under attack by more bandits.
12 Collect 25 Wolf Pelts Even in relative civilization, wolves prowl the forest looking to pick off the old and weak. Collect some bounties.
13 Kill 25 Monsters
Celeste ava
Celeste: "Do you smell that?"
Nayeli ava
Nayeli: "Smells like death."
A very foul smell permeates the air here. Something big died nearby.
14 Kill 25 Monsters Vultures swarm the trail like ants.
15 Kill Giant Vulture You find the source of the smell and the vultures. A rotting hill giant corpse and a Giant Vulture.
16 Kill 25 Monsters
Celeste ava
Celeste: "Be careful. I sense something not right about this field."
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "There ain't nothin' here but these creepy scarecrows, and they ain't movin'."
Scarecrow ava
Scarecrow: "*rustle rustle*"
The bandits haven't made it to this part of the field yet, though there's something about these scarecrows...
17 Collect 25 Twisted Straw Gather some twisted straw for further study at a later date.
18 Kill 25 Monsters
BanditWizard ava
Bandit Wizard: "Burn 'em all. The boss doesn't want anything left behind."
Jarlaxle ava
Jarlaxle: "Hey, watch it with the fire. This cloak is expensive."
Bandit wizards are attempting to burn the scarecrows away. They're also trying to burn you.
19 Kill 25 Monsters Some of the fires have gotten a little out of hand.
20 Kill Bandit Sorcerer The source of most of the rogue elementals is a somewhat mad Bandit Sorcerer.
21 Kill 25 Monsters The main group of bandits seem to be conglomerating around this farm's farmhouse again.
22 Kill 25 Monsters
Celeste ava
Celeste: "The bandits seem more interested in causing trouble than stealing the harvest."
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "It don't make any sense, for sure."
None of the bandits actually seem to be interested in stealing anything, just sowing chaos.
23 Collect 25 Bandit Gloves Gather some of the bandit's gloves. They won't be needing them anymore.
24 Kill 25 Monsters You bust into the farmhouse to find a group of bandits already on their way out.
25 Kill Bandit Rogue The leader of this pack has already left, but you catch a rogue slinking in the shadows.
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Tell us what yer after or I'll let our Dragonborn loose on ya."
BanditRogue ava
Bandit Rogue: "Don't kill me! Boss said we're looking for relics belonging to some dead fellow who was a big champion around these parts, back in his day."
Celeste ava
Celeste: "What relics are you looking for?"
BanditRogue ava
Bandit Rogue: "Boss didn't say exactly. He just said to look for two swords crossed over a bundle of wheat."
26 Kill 25 Monsters
Celeste ava
Celeste: "Two swords crossed over a bundle of wheat... I've seen that, and recently... The first farm! The farmer's mementos! Bruenor, we've got to get back there!"
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Aye! Let's go!"
You've got to reach the first farm before it's too late.
27 Kill 25 Monsters More wolves try to slow you down, but you're in no mood for their howling.
28 Collect 25 Rabbit Paws Rabbits begin to appear interspersed with the wolves. That's odd.
29 Kill 25 Monsters The wolves seem to be fleeing from the rabbits. What's going on?
30 Kill Vicious Rabbit
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Moradin's beard! I don't like this one bit."
A terrible, vicious rabbit appears with blood lust in its eyes.
31 Kill 25 Monsters Having barely escaped with your lives, you push forward towards the first farm.
32 Collect 25 Berries Wild berries grow everywhere around here, attracting, among other woodland creatures, bears.
33 Kill 25 Monsters
Celeste ava
Celeste: "We're not lost again, are we Bruenor?"
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Nay, the farm is right this way. I'm nearly certain."
The forest is growing dim. The sun will set soon. You've got to make it back to the farmhouse.
34 Collect 25 Bear Paws The bears seem extremely territorial.
35 Kill Albino Bear A magnificent Albino Bear appears on the path ahead of you. Unfortunately, you don't have time to study it from afar.
Celeste ava
Celeste: "Sad to have to defeat such an amazing creature."
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Aye, but we've got ta be gettin' on. The farmer and his father could be in trouble."
36 Collect 25 Inconspicuous Bushes
Celeste ava
Celeste: "We're too late. The whole place is swarming with bandits."
Jarlaxle ava
Jarlaxle: "Maybe we can sneak by the big group guarding the door."
You're too late! Bandits already swarm the farm once more. Find some way to help you sneak past them.
37 Kill 25 Monsters
BanditWizard ava
Bandit Wizard: "You there! With the bushes! You didn't really think such a ridiculous ploy was going to work, did you?"
Jarlaxle ava
Jarlaxle: "Well, it was worth a try."
Your attempts at stealth fail when a bandit wizard spots you.
38 Kill 25 Monsters A veritable mob of Bandit Wizards try to keep you from reaching the farmhouse entrance.
39 Kill 25 Monsters The family is nowhere to be seen in the front room. Clear out the bandits.
40 Kill Interrogator
Interrogator ava
Interrogator: "Tell me where he is!"
Hurf ava
Hurf: "I don't know what you're talking about!"
Interrogator ava
Interrogator: "You may not, but your father certainly does!"
Jarl ava
Jarl: "Ugh, fine! Just stop hurting us! He's in the barn."
Interrogator ava
Interrogator: "There now, that wasn't so hard."
You burst into the back room to find the farmer's family being interrogated by a vicious looking bandit wearing blood-red robes.
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "What's going on? Tell us the truth this time."
Jarl ava
Jarl: "The champion they're after. The Hero of the Vale. He was my father's father. He's buried on the farm. I've no idea what they want with him, though. He's been dead for 50 years."
Celeste ava
Celeste: "It can't be anything good, then. We've got to stop them."
41 Kill 25 Monsters Head to the barn to stop the Red Wizard's nefarious plot.
42 Kill 25 Monsters The bandits are desperate to stop you from interfering in their master's plans.
43 Collect 25 Lanterns It's getting very dark. Grab some lanterns on your way to the barn.
44 Kill 25 Monsters
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "The barn door is barred from the inside!"
Nayeli ava
Nayeli: "Hold them off while we bash it down."
You've reached the barn, but the entrance is barred from the inside. Hold off the bandits while you bash it down.
45 Kill Necromancer
Necromancer ava
Necromancer: "You're too late. The spell has already taken. The Hero of the Vale follows the commands of the Red Wizards now. Cower, fools! The dead will rule this world!"
You find a Necromancer chanting an infernal ritual. Try to interrupt him!
46 Kill 25 Monsters Did it work? Did you get him before it was too late?
47 Kill 25 Monsters
Celeste ava
Celeste: "The Necromancer's spell wasn't directed at any particular corpse. Look!"
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Sloppy, but still deadly. Stand fast!"
The barn shakes and groans as unwilling souls are forced into the bodies of the dead.
48 Collect 25 Skeletal Horseshoes More skeletal horses appear from all sides.
49 Kill 25 Monsters Some Bandit Wizards burst into the barn from outside to check on the status of the spell.
50 Kill Resurrected Hero of the Vale
RessurrectedHero ava
Resurrected Hero of the Vale: "Argh! Why have I been awakened?"
With a final explosive groan, the ground at the back of the barn erupts in a shower of mud and hay.
Celeste ava
Celeste: "Rest in peace, Hero of the Vale."
Bruenor ava
Bruenor: "Now that this mess is sorted out, let's get back to the celebration. Highharvestide is upon us!"
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