Version (2017-11-01): Early Access Update #9.2
Balance Changes:
  • Balanced the damage of Krond's ultimate attack to be more in line with other Champions' ultimate attacks
  • Vampire Spawn and the Weakened Vampire boss are no longer classified as Humanoids
  • The adventure indicators on the map now show locked adventures.
  • Small layout changes to settings dialogs
  • The Devilish Fiends' debuffs no longer stack
  • Krond's Eldritch Strike now has its own debuff icon
  • Fixed shiny DLC loot counting as two shinys instead of one in the user achievements.
  • Fixed champion panel scroll buttons sometimes not moving the panel over by the appropriate amount
  • Fixed issue with the champion panel scrolling when clicking the scroll buttons quickly
  • Fixed the Loot section of the Journal occasionally showing "Loot data unavailable before this point" twice.
  • Potential fix for the game forcing the highest resolution in fullscreen when using alt+tab to minimize the game
  • Fixed auto progress not working after being defeating, going back an area, and quickly reactivating auto progress
  • Fixed visible gaps in background seams forming over time
  • Fixed champion ability modifier being wrong in some instances (Asharra's 9 con was +0 instead of -1)
  • Fixed being able to see your previous adventure for a split second after starting a new adventure.
  • Restored Moonbeam's formation buff icon
  • Fixed several display bugs on the blessings dialog
  • Fixed a case where Krond's Eldritch Strike was stacking incorrectly (could result in it looking like some monsters were more immune to damage than others)
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