Version (2017-10-27): Early Access Update #9.1
  • We've done a pass on the quest text to add consistency to how we refer to monsters, people, and places. Monster types (some "gnolls") will now be referred to in lowercase, while specific monsters (a "Gnoll Leader") will be capitalized. General places (an "inn" or the "library") will not be capitalized, while specific places (the "Triboar Trail") will be. In general, all quest objectives, whether items or generic monster types, will be capitalized (for example "Defeat 25 Gnolls" or "Defeat the Werewolf Leader").
  • The Deadly Beholders from the Liars' Night variant will now 'explode' correctly when they reach your formation
  • Loot/bonuses on Delina now buff her Twinned/Empowered Spells correctly
  • Damage text on Krond with Scientific Notation turned on should no longer spill to 2 lines
  • Favored Enemy buff graphic will no longer show up for invisible Pickpockets
  • Added a debuff graphic and icon (with mouseover description) to explain the Attack slowdown effect that Devilish Fiend gives
  • Fixed the darkness on It's Getting Darker not covering the whole screen
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