Version 0.2.9 (2017-10-25): Early Access Update #9
  • Added the Liars' Night event, our second limited time campaign event! See the in-game FAQ for more information. The event will run until Monday, November 6th at noon PST
Balance Changes:
  • Several Champions have had their stat blocks updated, however none of the changes affect any existing abilities (Hitch's "Friendly") at this time
  • Updated the Seeking Allies adventure icon in the Tomb of Annihilation campaign
  • Champions with multiple components to their attacks (e.g. Hitch with daggers) will now show their base Damage with both parts separated: "XXXXX+YYYYY Damage" to make it easier to determine how much damage each part of the attack will do
  • Fixed an edge case where players with 1 event favor could not convert their favor
  • Fixed some issues with the Upgrades and Buffs scroll lists in the Champion Info dialog
  • Fixed grammar in some champion bios
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