Version 0.2.7 (2017-10-17): Early Access Update #7
  • Adventure selection dialog now has two toggleable options to hide completed and/or locked variants from view
  • Level up multiplier button can now be set to buy next upgrade (same behavior as alt+shift)
  • Ctrl+tab now has the same behavior as alt+shift.
Balance Changes:
  • Added two new damage increase upgrades to Arkhan (level 6 and 15) and moved his other upgrades around slightly ("First in Line" now unlocks at level 3 instead of 4, "Loyalty" at level 9 instead of 8, Arkhan's specialization at 18 instead of 16, and his damage increases at levels 20 and 24 moved to 21 and 25 respectively)
  • Added a new damage increase upgrade to Jamilah at level 25
  • Updated the ability scores for Jamilah and Arkhan to match the Force Grey character sheets
  • Earth Mephits have been renamed to Mud Mephits
  • Fixed a typo in the "Lead the Charge" blessing description (% -> seconds)
  • Fixed an issue with the area 23 quest for Terror in the Dark
  • Fixed several typos
  • Stats relating to loot that were inaccurate should now be properly updated with correct values
  • Fixed going back an area using the arrow keys not turning off auto progress
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