Version (2017-10-06): Early Access Update #5.3
  • Escape key now closes the active dialog if there is one
  • New hotkeys for opening/closing dialogs: Shop (s), Achievements (a), Collections (c), Complete Adventure (r), Chest Screen (o), Event (h)
  • New hotkeys for loading formations: Slot 1 (q), Slot 2 (w), Slot 3 (e)
  • New hotkeys for area transitions: Go to previous area (left arrow), Go to next area (right arrow), Slide area level list backward (alt+left arrow), Slide area level list forward (alt+right arrow)
  • List of hotkeys can be viewed by hovering over the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • The "Endless Harvest" achievement now states that you must complete area 150, not just reach it.
  • Journal now shows timestamps in your local time.
  • Journal Loot tab now shows "Welcome Back" gold and event tokens.
  • Complete adventure tooltip now updates values while open
  • Can no longer load formations while being attacked or if enemies have made it past the front of the formation
  • The DPS display (as well as the DPS that dropped gold from silver chests and contracts uses) is now based on all of the properties of the Champions' attacks, including the number of targets. This should make the displayed DPS (and dropped gold) more accurate for Champions like Asharra and Hitch that attack multiple Enemies
  • Complete adventure button tooltip showing the % increase when you currently have 0 current divine favor
  • Complete adventure button tooltip no longer shows fractional values for the % increase
  • Fixed some Highharvestide ranged monsters being able to shoot while stunned
  • Fixed a bug where the level multiplier button sometimes loses it's effect on certain champions.
  • Fixed the damage not being rounded in the summary pop up on champions
  • Fixed campaign map not scaling to fit its container on resolutions higher than 1080p
  • Various text fixes
  • Fixed a bug where target priority effects wouldn't cause Enemies to adjust their targets priority.
  • Fixed the event tutorial enabling the close button on the campaign map even though there is no current adventure
  • Fixed reset screen divine favor display being off-center in some cases
  • Fixed divine favor display on campaign map having the event token counter text overflow the container
  • Fixed divine favor counter displaying 0 in the event dialog when the amount of divine favor was very large
  • Fixed loaded formations not swapping the correct champion onto the bench if they were still unlocked
  • Fixed formation ability tooltip not disappearing if you had dragged the champion while it was visible
  • Boss health bars should no longer stop updating when they get to the 2nd layer in some cases
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