Version 0.2.5 (2017-10-02): Early Access Update #5.2
  • You can no longer mute or report yourself in chat
  • Equipment collections dialog now has links to the champion info sheet to see what equipment the champion currently has equipped (for champions that are visible on the bottom panel)
  • Stoki's base attack no longer sometimes causes the screen to shake
  • Buffs' timers no longer countdown while cinematics are showing
  • Complete adventure button tooltip now shows how much divine favor you will earn upon reset and the percentage increase over your current amount of divine favor. Also shows other rewards for the current adventure if you have completed all objectives
  • There is now a border around the slots in the collections dialog that shows the current gild level (gold or silver) of that slot.
  • There is now a message that tells you if you do not have enough event tokens to start an adventure
  • Event dialog adventure tooltips now display the requirements to start if you have not already completed the adventure, and the base adventure now shows the cost to start Free Play
  • Fixed some instances where Champion formation slots could get stuck with the wrong arrows or tooltips up
  • Fixed some instances where revived Champions wouldn't get their formation circles back
  • Fixed some instances where dead Champions would not be faded out properly
  • Fixed clicking preventing the quest objective from popping up after a cinematic
  • Fixed cinematics not showing up after resets.
  • Fixed event dialog Divine Favor display not showing the correct value after a reset
  • Fixed Complete Adventure button tooltip displaying the wrong amount of favor in some cases
  • Fixed alt + shift occasionally not getting upgrades automatically.
  • Fixed golden cards appearing to coming out of chests (when they weren't actual gold cards)
  • Fixed completed adventures not getting marked as complete in the event dialog until the game was reloaded
  • Fixed the levels of equipment being incorrect when you open a chest and staying incorrect until you restart the game.
  • Fixed Stoki's "Solemnly Geared" achievement incorrectly being marked complete before 6 different types of gear were obtained
  • Fixed collections dialog not showing gold cards as gold.
  • Fixed an issue with some damage-over-time attacks not counting as boss kills
  • Fixed some UI text overflow issues when using scientific notation
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