Version (2017-09-27): Early Access Update #5.1
  • Stoki's Ki Strike now shows a graphical effect to indicate that Enemies still have the damage debuff
  • Tooltip for the Shop button now displays how many gems you have
  • Tooltip for the Complete Adventure button now displays how much favor you would earn by resetting
  • Added using a buff to the journal
  • Added a display to the Adventures section of the event dialog to show how many event tokens each adventure costs to start
  • Arkhan's Level 8 Upgrade now increases his Health by 50% when there are 2 Champions in the column behind him, instead of increasing his damage (matches with Upgrade description now)
  • Fixed an issue where Stoki's Golden Palm and Ki Strike were not applying their ongoing effects properly
  • Fixed the chest tooltip not displaying properly when you have no chests
  • Fixed the event FAQ being repeated
  • Fixed the cinematics showing up in the event freeplay when they should not
  • Fixed an issue with the campaign map hotkey allowing the map to be closed when there was no adventure currently active
  • Fixed divine favor in journal only showing up as Torm's favor.
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