Version 0.2.5 (2017-09-27): Early Access Update #5
  • Added the Highharvestide event, our first limited time campaign event! See the in-game FAQ for more information
  • Added a disable blood option to the settings
  • Pressing J opens the journal
  • Pressing I opens the inventory
  • Pressing M opens the campaign map
  • Failed save calls bring up permanent dialog until progress is saved correctly
  • Swapping heros can now be done from the hero panel by pressing the icon in the upper left corner of the hero portrait boxes (if a swap is available)
Balance Changes:
  • Ultimate attacks now scale off of your formation's total DPS (listed in the top-left corner) instead of individual Champion damage, allowing you to use them without needing to constantly adjust your formation. Several attacks have been slightly reduced in effectiveness to balance for this change, but in general this change may allow you to push through bosses that you may not have been able to beat before, due to the vastly increased effectiveness of your non-main damage-dealer's ultimate attacks
  • A number of changes have been put in place in an attempt to rebalance health and monster damage such that tanking large clusters of monsters is less trivial for non-tank/healing spec'd formations. We will continue to monitor the viability of tanking specs to make sure that they are interesting and viable compared to non-tanking specs
  • Increased the Base Health values of Nayeli, Delina, Makos, Tyril, and Hitch
  • Decreased the Base Health value of Arkhan
  • Health curves for all heroes have been adjusted at mid-high levels (~area 50+)
  • Bonus Health provided by Nayeli, Tyril, and Arkhan's tanking specs has been adjusted to be in-line with the health changed
  • Healing and damage shields provided by Celeste, Calliope, Tyril, and Arkhan have been adjusted to be in-line with the health changes
  • Rats now scurry a little faster than other monsters
  • Enemy ranged attacks now do more damage
  • The settings dialog now resets your selected resolution when closing it and re opening it
  • The specialization dialog now scales down if it is too big for your screen
  • The journal now shows the amount an item has changed (i.e. it will tell you how many gems you received, chests you received, etc.)
  • While holding alt, the level up button on the heroes in the bottom bar will always show how many levels you need and how much gold you need to get to the next upgrade, even if you cannot afford it
  • Freeplay adventure 'ticks' no longer show up around the locations on the campaign map
  • Journal will now show purchases with gems and event tokens, but only the purchases since this update
  • When you receive an item upgrade, your item will now level up based on the rarity of the old item, providing parity between item level regardless of the order in which you receive them
  • "See World Map" button now says "See Campaign Map"
  • Chest button tooltip layout changed to look nicer and better handle displaying multiple chest types
  • Cinematics fade out faster
  • If you pop out the chat, you can no longer use it to cover elements on the screen that are part of a forced-click tutorial stage
  • If you cannot start an adventure, an X replaces the checkmark in the requirements section of the adventure display on the campaign map
  • Fixed some wording issues in the complete adventure dialog
  • Fixed the amount of damage Flame Strike and Ice Storm do to match their descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where completing a free play could appear to unlock additional adventures
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