Version 0.2.44 (2018-09-05): Anniversary Celebration!
  • Added the Anniversary Celebration, a one week event where you can earn special rewards for playing every day; by claiming at least four days worth of rewards you can earn an exclusive anniversary Mimic familiar and custom skin for Jarlaxle
  • For one week we're also offering up to 25% more chests with real money purchases and some of our steepest discounts ever on our existing DLC
  • Added two new paid DLC familiars (Black Cat and Faerie Dragon)
  • Added two new gem familiars for 30k and 70k gems (Armored Juniper and Boo)
  • Updated our in-game shop! You can now buy event champions that you missed for real money, along with a limited, ever-shifting selection of champion chests; note: all champions in the store will periodically be available to earn for free through their repeated events or time gates; this just gives you an opportunity to get them ahead of time if you can't wait
  • Added new Potions of Speed to normal chest drops
  • Fixed hover text for Gold Supply Chest
  • Enabled hover text for chest packs in the inventory
  • Fixed several user reported typos and quest text quirks
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