Version (2018-08-30): Bug Fixes and Time Gate tooltip
  • Added a tooltip that appears in the top-left corner when a Time Gate is available but has not yet been opened (ie. when you haven't selected a Champion for your Time Gate yet)
  • Renamed the tier 4 "Speedy Attacks" blessing to "Speeding Along" to avoid confusion with the tier 1 blessing of the same name
  • The "Lead from Behind" and "Speeding Along" blessings now have the proper seconds-based summary, instead of percent-based
  • Added requirements for unlocking tier 4 Torm and Kelemvor blessings as originally intended: 100 and 140 blessings purchased, respectively
  • Fixed a case where killing the Umber Hulk would not cause the area to progress correctly
  • Made sure that all of the new blessings that decrease a value have their amounts prefixed with a minus sign
  • Added "across all campaigns" to the "Focus on the Core" blessing description
Coming Soon:
  • Idle Champions first anniversary! Hype!
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