Version 0.2.4 (2017-09-20): Early Access Update #4
  • Added new Champion: Hitch. You can obtain Hitch by signing up for the Idle Champions newsletter
  • Added new variant adventures to Beast Intentions, the Mad Wizard, and the Cursed Farmer adventures:
  • The Contagious Curse: Investigate the cursed farm you passed earlier before you get sick
  • Maddening: Investigate the odd imp-infested tower you passed earlier while you go slowly mad
  • Beast Mode: Horrible beasts are carrying off villagers and must be stopped by your massive damage
  • A dialog now pops up after you've been playing for a while to let you know you can unlock Hitch by signing up for the Idle Champions newsletter
  • Added DLC packs for Bruenor, Celeste, and Nayeli. Available now on Steam
  • Added a journal to read through the cinematics and to see all of the loot that you have obtained through your adventures
  • Added a "disable lightning" feature to the settings menu
  • Holding Alt and clicking level up now levels a hero up to their next upgrade. Holding Alt+Shift and clicking level up levels the hero up to the next upgrade and unlocks it. Alt\Alt+Shift and clicking level up does nothing if you have an upgrade already available for purchase
  • The Cursed Cleric in area 45 of The Cursed Farmer is now a melee attacker and no longer throws arrows with his mace
  • If an invalid resolution is loaded the game defaults to 720p
  • Command on Macs now acts like ctrl on windows to level up your champions multiple times
  • The pop up alerting you if you have opened the game elsewhere no longer has an okay button; you must restart your game
  • Equipment and upgrades that buff ultimate attacks now clarify that they only affect the ultimate's damage, not any secondary effects
  • Chat is now maxed to 200 messages so resizing does not take too long
  • Mad Cows' spit effect has been improved: it now has a hit animation and a debuff graphic so you can tell who is being slowed, it now targets a random Champion instead of always a frontmost Champion, and it no longer shakes the screen
  • The gold gained from Silver Chests no longer takes into account gold potions, in order to match the behavior of Contracts from Gold Chests
  • All of Jarlaxle's buffs to Room to Work should now apply correctly and give the correct Ability name in their descriptions
  • Fixed a case where Formation Ability buff icons would not show properly when moving Champions between slots
  • Fixed a hard lock if you have an unfinished transaction and the tutorial pops up
  • Fixed the adventure select not stating "this is your current adventure" on your current adventure
  • Fixed all rainy areas having lightning when they should not
  • Fixed the shop dialog jumping to the wrong position if you changed resolutions after having it open once
  • Fixed disenchanted shiny cards not making the current equipment shiny
  • Fixed disenchanted shiny cards not counting towards the shiny achievement
  • Fixed monsters coming from distractions and bypassing entire formation
  • Fixed changing scientific notation not automatically applying to everything on screen
  • Fixed chat scrolling down automatically when it should not
  • Fixed an issue where champions would twitch oddly before attacking
  • Fixed an issue where completing a free play could unlock additional adventures as if the free play counted as a normal adventure
  • Many typo fixes
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