Version (2018-07-06): Bug Fixes
  • Troubadour Troupe has been changed to show a formation icon, so you can easily check the tooltip to see its value (how Companions of the Hall works; also set Troubadour Troupe and CotH to use the Ability style icon on the upgrade button)
  • Hitch's Friendly and Asharra's Bonds should no longer be able to be active when they are benched
  • Story of Doom shouldn't continue to tick up while certain screens (like the Chest opening screen) are active
  • Story of Doom will now show the stack count on the outgoing buff message (so you can see it from Deekin's character screen)
  • Fixed one case where players could duplicate Deekin on the Doom is Coming to Waterdeep variant
  • Deekin's Story of Doom description should now change from "Adjacent Champions" to "All Champions" when you purchase his DOOM DOOM DOOM specialization
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