Version (2018-05-29): Early Access Update #33.3
Balance Changes:
  • Event free play now guarantees a gold event chest as a reward at least every 4 free plays
  • Whether or not a chest contains a shiny item is now determined before any items in the chest are generated; the new odds are 0.1% per chest, instead of 0.1% per equipment item. This is a slight nerf to the initial shiny drop rate, but due to how the old system worked once you have two or three shinies it is an overall buff
  • Fixed an issue where event token drops could be lost if you closed/restarted the game while the game was still catching up from a stagnant period of no drops
  • Adjusted chest drop system so that chests can no longer drop duplicate epic equipment until you already have all of that chest's available epic equipment (this was a rare edge case before)
  • Fixed a case where the "You have unfinished transactions" message would not stop appearing after the transactions had been processed
  • Fixed an issue where wide formations (such as the one in the Modron March) would not run all the way offscreen when retreating from an area
  • Fixed an issue where players could get duplicate event/promo notifications after an event or weekend promo ended
  • Fixed a typo in the "The Endless Menace" achievement
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