Version 0.2.30 (2018-04-25): Early Access Update #30
  • Added five new variant adventures:
  • Escort to Waterdeep: Constant Banditry
  • Waterdeep Detours: Easily Distracted
  • Underdeep Cartography: Durable Deep
  • The Templar's Camp: Poor Guidance
  • Rescue in the Jungle: Upholding the Law
  • Added a panel to the reset screen that shows statistics about the completed adventure
  • Monster types are now displayed when hovering over a monster, and hovering also brings their name and health bar to the front
  • Added a new hotkey that toggles scientific notation (Y)
  • Free Play adventures now show the original adventure name in the quest display
  • Selected level-up multiplier is now remembered through reloads
  • Autoprogress is now turned on by default when starting a new adventure
  • Added a Community Champion achievement for players that "showcase outstanding community leadership" (Does not appear or count towards achievement total if not earned)
  • If you get a golden item and already have a shiny item in that slot, you will now receive a bonus potion of polish which you can use to make a different item shiny
  • Added a power-up bar that displays when bosses or monsters begin to power up
Clarification (no actual change):
  • Barrowin's Blessed Hammer skill description changed to specify that it only buffs base attacks
  • Spending divine favour warning changed to be more descriptive
Balance Changes:
  • Added additional upgrades to all Champions, including a new "Bond" specialization choice for Asharra at level 350
  • Zorbu's Favored Enemy upgrades now start with a 300% bonus damage instead of 100%
  • Hero boxes in the bottom bar have additional signifiers to show that they are in the formation
  • Nrakk and Strix's ultimate attack tooltips/hovers will no longer show a damage value, as they don't do damage directly
  • Updated the "Welcome Back" screen
  • Upgrades that affect ultimate attacks now use the same icon as upgrades that unlock ultimate attacks
  • Pressing 'Esc' while opening chests no longer closes the chest screen.
  • Fixed several typos. You've almost found them all, but several more remain. Keep searching!
  • Nrakk's ultimate description should now contain the correct buff amount based on all his ultimate bonuses (from gear, etc.)
  • The description for Nrakk's Deft Strike should now show the proper buffed value
  • Fixed a case where the shiny effect on cards in the Blacksmith Contract dialog could animate incorrectly
Coming Soon:
  • Fixes for offline gold and party DPS calculations with certain Champions
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