Version 0.2.3 (2017-09-13): Early Access Update #3
  • Some static monsters (such as Portals or Orbs) are now hit-based instead of damage-based. They will require a certain number of hits (excluding click damage) to destroy. Many attacks can do multiple hits, so be sure to see which combination of Champions works best!
  • UI tweaks to free purchase buff popup
  • Achievements dialog now updates achievement progress while opened
  • Added fancier UI for monster health bars
  • You can now skip the purchase step in the Purchasing Chests with Gems tutorial
  • UI rework for 'swap champion' display
  • Fixed an issue with text where the last line was not being centered properly
  • Fixed an issue where bonus reset currency buffs were not applying correctly (hotfix @ 9/12 11:13AM)
  • Fixed an issue where the purchase buff display would flicker if moused over at the edge while the dialog was shaking
  • Fixed gold related achievements not updating until reloading the game
  • Chat room user count should more accurately reflect the current number of people in the room.
  • When dragging Champions around the formation, their ability arrows will now point to the right slots
  • Bringing up the Champion character sheets for un-purchased or benched Champions should show correct Damage numbers now
  • Static monsters (like portals and orbs) can't get pushed back now from damage
  • Chat report button now gives feedback and mutes reported player.
  • Fixed several erroneous references to "Crusaders"
  • Fixed Jarlaxle's achievement potentially firing at the incorrect time
  • Auto progress tutorial should only occur if you have never used auto progress before
  • Can no longer break some tutorial states by closing dialogs with the ESC key
  • Fixed the bottom bar champion equipment display not scaling properly
  • Fixed a bug where killing a boss with a DOT type effect would stop the next wave from spawning
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