Version 0.2.24 (2018-02-28): Early Access Update #24
  • Added two new adventures to the Grand Tour campaign. You must complete the Overdue Rendezvous variant (and recruit Drizzt) before you can start these adventures
  • These new adventures each come with one variant easch as well
  • Vastly improved memory usage and implemented several performance enhancements;please report any new graphicla issues you encounter
  • Fixed a couple more typos
  • Birdsong's ultimate now triggers her Tempo of Victory stacks when she gets kills with it
  • Specialization choices are now stricly ordered by id. This should prevent random switching of order. This does mean that some specializations have moved around last time (sorry!), but they shouldn't move around any more in the future
  • The game will now let you know if you need to reload to get new chest data when redeeming a coupon code (this can occur sometimes if you load the game before an update, ans then try to redeem a code related to that update)
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