Version 0.2.22 (2018-02-15): Early Access Update #22
  • Added the Grand Revel event, our seventh limited campaign event (it's not winter themed)! See the in-game FAQ for more information. The event will run until Tuesday, February 27th at noon PST
  • All starter packs and force grey packs now contain guaranteed shinies with the chests based on the cost of the pack (1 shiny in the $10 packs, 2 in the $20 pack, 3 in the $30 pack). Note that the initial round of Potions of Polish given out already included credit for money spent on the starter packs.
  • Fixed several typos
  • Fixed an issue where the Free Plays for the new adventures from last week did not have the proper icons
  • Fixed an issue in Lost in the Deep where blocked bench seats could still be used in some cases
Still Coming Soon:
  • Loot level caps on cooldown reduction gear so that you won't get any duplicates of that gear or have them be targets for Blacksmithing Contracts if your cooldown reduction is already capped (sooner rather than later)
  • A rework of offline gold to bring it more in line with gold earned while the game is open; note this rework will hopefully also include a way to account for Barrowin/Regis/etc. style buffs in your party DPS (also soon)
  • New ways to approach clicking in the game (somewhat soon)
  • Updated to health, healing and tanking specs to make tanking a more viable alternative (after everything else)
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