Version 0.2.21 (2018-02-09): Early Access Update #21 - Chest Upgrades
  • Massive chest and potion changes. See below for details. Read the blog post at the Dev Blog for additional detail
  • To celebrate the new chests, we're running a chest sale from now until Tuesday, February 13th at noon PST. Get up to 25% more chests on pack purchases of 7 or more chests
  • Added a "Next Chest" button after opening a chest, which lets you to open another chest without having to click the chest selector on the left again
Balance Changes:
  • Chests will now always attempt to drop an upgrade if one is available (without adjusting the rarity of the items in the chest)
  • Purchased chest packs of 7 chests or more will now include guaranteed shiny items. See the store page for more details
  • A one-time lot of "Potions of Polish" have been added to the inventories of players who have made purchases in the past, based on total amount spent. These potions can be used to upgrade a random loot item to be "shiny"
  • Potions of Heroism (+health) have been removed form the chest drop table, however existing potions will remain in your inventory
  • Existing "Potions of Fire Breath" have been renamed "Expired potion of Fire Breath"
  • New "Potions of Fire Breath" have been added that to do damage based on your party dps rather than a fixed percentage of this monster health
  • New "Potions of Specialization" have been added to the chest drop tables that can be used to reset any specialization choice you have made on the run
  • Potions durations have been updates based on rarity. The new durations are as follows: Common: 5 minutes. Uncommon: 15 minutes. Rare: 60 minutes. Epic: Until you complete your current adventure. (Expired fire breath potions are excluded from this change)
  • New Blacksmithing Contracts have been added to chests. These new contracts increase the loot level (not rarity) of a random piece of loot owned by a selected Champion; con only be used on Champions with all 6 gear slot filled
  • Cooldown reduction (both normal and ultimate cooldowns) has been capped at 75%
  • Gear item levels are now more powerful (250 level to double instead of 1000)
  • Chest packs are now opened separately from normally earned chests. When opening chests from packs, a new dialog will display any guaranteed shinies that you will earn from the pack. note that only packs purchased after the update will be shown in this way. Previously packs' chasts simply appear in your normal stash
  • Fixed an issue with the area 10 boss in Rescue in the Jungle
  • Fixed an issue with the area 45 boss in Rescue in the Jungle
  • Fixed an issue where Azaka's portrait didn't show up correctly in a couple of cinematics
  • Fixed a grammatical issue with Stoki's tips
  • Fixed several other typos
Coming Soon:
  • Loot level caps on cooldown reduction gear so that you won't get any more duplicated of that gear or have them be targets for Blacksmithing Contracts if your cooldon reduction is already capped (sooner rather than later)
  • A rework of offline gold to bring it more in line with gold earned while the game is open (also soon)
  • New ways to approach clicking in the game (somewhat soon)
  • Updates to health, healing, and tanking specs to make tanking a more viable alternative (after everything else)
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