Version 0.2.2 (2017-09-11): Early Access Update #2
  • Free buffs from purchases now display in the shop when a valid chest bundle is selected
  • Actually changed the shop tooltip to say shop instead of store. Whoops.
  • Scrollbar added to adventure select dialog
  • Adventure description text added to adventure select dialog and objective details popout
  • Added proper names for the final three Champion achievements
  • UI rework for the warning message that appears when purchasing chests with gems and added a "don't show again" option
  • Tweaked the language of Minsc's favored enemy upgrades to be more clear that the enemies take more damage, not your Champions
  • Fixed Jamilah's achievement having the wrong goal number
  • Possible fix for level up multiplier not taking effect occasionally.
  • Fixed the redeem button in the shop not giving feedback if something went wrong.
  • Fixed Jarlaxle's Loner upgrade
  • Fixed an issue with Delina's ricochets not doing full damage
  • Many typo fixes
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