Version 0.2.19 (2018-01-24): Early Access Update #19
  • Added the Midwinter event, our sixth limited-time campaign event (and what feels like our sixth winter themed one)! See the in-game FAQ for more information. The event will run until Monday, February 5th at noon PST
  • The Champion Attack description boxes now include icons to designate the type of the attack (currently includes Ranged, Melee, or Magic types)
  • Fixed an issue in the Underdeep Cartography area 41 where the game would pause for a bit before continuing after the cinematics
  • Fixed an issue on the chest opening screen where you could sometimes erroneously open a chest you did not intend to open
  • Fixed an issue where the background would sometimes stop scrolling in certain areas of the Underdeep Cartography adventure, making it impossible to seal to required sarcophagi or light the required torches
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