Version (2018-01-12): Early Access Update #17.1
  • Added the Grand Chultian Weekend buff
  • Added a graphical representation of the stacks of Barrowin's Blessed Hammer buff to make it easier to see who is attacking with bonuses
  • Flame Strike no longer takes AOE targets into account when determining the damage of each fireball, so every enemy that gets hit with all fireballs should receive the full specified attack damage
  • Stunning the T-Rex boss will cause it to stop spawning zombies while stunned.
  • Fixed un-purchased Champions having incorrect attack cooldowns on their mouseovers
  • Fixed a case where Hitch could have an incorrect attack cooldown after purchasing his Spare Dagger upgrade
  • Fixed a rare case where DPS displays on the formation wouldn't update correctly
  • The tutorials will make sure that it doesn't try and point at UI items on a minimized top bar
  • Drizzt's Whirl of Steel spec will now actually do AOE damage
  • Stuns no longer cause Sarcophagi or Torches to stop moving
  • Fixed a cause where stunned enemies might stop animating when the stun is removed
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