Version 0.2.14 (2017-12-06): Early Access Update #14
  • Added the Simril event, our fourth limited-time campaign event! See the in-game FAQ for more information. The event will run until Monday, December 18th at noon PST
  • Champion ultimate abilities are now usable with numeric keypad
  • The game is now compatible with Razer hardware - let there be lights!
  • You can now minimize the top UI using a button added to the left of the top left menu - bird hunters rejoice!
Balance Changes:
  • Calliope's stat block has been updated to match her official Force Grey character sheet
  • Tyril's stat block has been updated to match his official Force Grey character sheet
  • Gold event chests can drop potions in addition to gear and contracts; this change does *not* affect the average amount of gear found in gold event chests, however it will result in fewer contracts
  • Changed the quest text in area 15 of the Ring of Regeneration to no longer refer to the Tomb Guardian as undead, since it's actually a modified Flesh Golem (construct)
  • Tyril is now Neutral Good, changed from Chaotic Good, to match his official Force Grey character sheet
  • You can now open the main menu from the campaign map screen
  • Health increase and healing upgrades now more consistently use the health icon
  • Fixed the spelling of Coliseum to be less horribly incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with the quest in area 39 of Exploring Port Nyanzaru
  • Fixed a weird text character in area 3 of Running of the Saurs
  • Fixed a typo in area 12 of Running of the Saurs
  • Potential fix for having the game crash at the end of events
  • Fixed the "Hide Formation Circles" toggle not hiding formation circles consistently
  • Fixed being able give yourself lots of gold before starting an adventure
  • Fixed not being able to complete boss levels when distractions spawn monsters while only the boss is left
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