Version 0.2.10 (2017-11-08): Early Access Update #10
  • Added a new variant to each of the Tomb of Annihilation adventures - "The Death Curse" and "Premature Betrayal". These new variants require you reach area 150 and have challenging restrictions on your play
Balance Changes:
  • All champions have had additional high level upgrades added. This should provide approximately another 20 areas of progression to players with enough favor to access the new upgrades
  • Makos' level 55 upgrade no longer requires a specific specialization but now increases his dps by 100% instead of 200%
  • Stoki's level 235 upgrade which adds an extra attack target if you choose the Ki Strike specialization has been removed
  • When Upg is toggled or alt+shift is pressed and a champion is locked, it unlocks the champions before purchasing their first upgrade
  • Updated the description of Jamilah's Frenzy ability to be more clear
  • The formation arrows from Hitch's Friendly ability now only point to those it is affecting
  • Fixed champions sliding when the background goes from not moving to moving (i.e. when you're being attacked and you defeat your attackers)
  • Fixed level up button not acting correctly when you have gotten the last upgrade or you have unlocked an upgrade and not clicked the upgrade button
  • Fixed "R" hotkey not appearing on the hotkeys tooltip (opens Complete Adventure dialog)
  • Fixed ranged enemies' shoot timing and position to match up with their animation and graphic
  • Fixed Zombie Cleric shooting arrows from his mace (now uses Magic Missile)
  • More improvements made towards decreasing the memory footprint of Idle Champions
  • Fixed a case where Jamilah might not make a full 6 attacks with her Ultimate Attack
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