Version 0.1.5 (2017-08-16): Alpha Update #5
  • Upgrades in the character sheet now display with their name if they have one
  • The tooltip for upgrades now show the upgrade name if it has one
  • Distractions should now be more responsive
  • Dialog now appears upon completing an adventure s objective to remind players that they can now complete the adventure or continue playing
  • Added “Free Play” variant to Beast Intentions which is replayable
  • Remove repeatable flag from Beast Intentions base adventure
Balance Changes:
  • Calliope now attacks the front two enemies with each attack
  • Gold drops reduced in areas 40+
  • Divine Favor rates increased
  • Lycanthropes in the “Were-verpowered” objective have had their health and damage further increased
  • “Were-verpowered” objective now requires you to reach area 75 to complete it
  • Difficulty ratings for the Beast Intentions adventures have been tweaked
  • We highly suggest you reset your account if you want to properly test these changes
  • “Small” and “Large” chests rename back to “Silver” and “Gold” chests
  • Store dialog now display the chest open screen in the backgound
  • Removed the green and purple glows on champions when an upgrade is available
  • Removed multiple chest button from chest opening screen
  • UI scale slider now goes grey if your screen resolution height is below 900
  • Tutorial border is now gold
  • Formation save slots now have yallow text if there is a formation saved in it
  • Added Silver Chests to the Shop Dialog for gems
  • Calliope’s attack now hits the two nearest enemies
  • Removed button to close reset dialog when resetting after completing tutorial adventure
  • Game now has an icon and proper name
  • Shortened several quest strings
  • Fixed the hero scroll panel throwing an error and freezing the game for some players
  • Fixed issue where heroes that were dead when they were benched could not be unbenched in other areas
  • Fixed upgrades with the no upgrade available icon
  • Fixed top left gold display showing decimal places occasionally
  • Fixed loading formations would remove escorts
  • Fixed Calliope’s attack animation hit effect playing twice
  • Fixed click damage text scale becoming extremely large due to unbounded scaling
  • Fixed click damage test not moving horizontally with it’s parent
  • Fixed hero scroll pane bugging out occasionally when interacting with the chat
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