Extremely elderly for a Tortle, Gromma Nander grew discontent with her secluded life after giving birth to her offspring. Once they were old enough, to fend of for themselves, she ventured back out into the world to learn as much as she could about the strange creatures that inhabit it. Gromma is as wise and inquisite Tortle who is quick to friendship but slow to trust. She carries a pouch of smooth colored stones that she has collected on her journey and walks with the aid of a baatle-worn spear.


Slow and steady
Gromma Nander, movingould expect for an 80 year old Tortle, stabs the closest enemy with her spear.
Wall of stone
A wall of stone bursts up out of the ground under a random enemy. The targeted enemy and any enemies in the column that the wall appears in take damage and are knocked backwards. The wall lasts for 15 seconds, and for that time enemies cannot pass it.

Formation AbilitiesEdit

  • Hardened Shell — Decreases the effect of the Overwhelm debuff on Gromma by 25%.
  • Grandmotherly Love — Increases the damage of all Champions in proportion to their age: Champions get a 200% increase, reduced by 5% for every 10 years old they are over age 20 (to a minimum of 10%)
  • Ancient Heroism — Increases the Health of all Champions by 25% of Gromma's Max Health.


  • Circle of the Mountain — Gromma gains Stoneskin and takes half damage from all ranged attacks.
    • Spiked Shell — Enemies that attack Gromma gain a "Pierced Armor" effect, which makes them take 100% additional damage. This effect can stack up to 25 times per enemy.
    • Shades of Gray — Increases the damage of neutral champions by 100% for each enemy attacking Gromma and/or each enemy enrage stack.
  • Circle of the Arctic — Gromma casts Sleet Storm when they attack. The target enemy, and all nearby enemies, are slowed by half and their attack timers are doubled.
    • Freezing Breeze — Enemies affected by Sleet Storm take 400% additional damage.
  • Circle of the Swamp — Gromma now casts Melf's Acid Arrow as her primary attack.
    • Acid Splash — Melf's Acid Arrow now does 100% of its damage as splash damage to nearby enemies.
    • Love Thyself — Increases the Damage of Gromma by 75% of her Grandmotherly Love buff.
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