Free Play
Grand Revel Free Play
Determine the fate of some merchants in the jungles of Chult.
Requirements Objectives
Must have completed The Missing Merchants

Costs 2500 Firemint

Complete Area 50+ to receive a random Birdsong Chest
Rewards Formation
Random Grand Revel Chest + xSunesFavor Formation Grand Revel
Restrictions No restrictions

Type Frequency Favored
Beasts: 5 Bosses, 31 Levels Minsc
Fey: 0 Bosses, 0 levels Minsc
Humanoids: 1 Bosses, 0 Levels Minsc
Monstrosities: 3 Bosses, 13 Levels Minsc
Undead: 0 Bosses, 13 Levels Minsc
Aberrations: {{{NumberOfAberrations}}} Zorbu
Elementals: {{{NumberOfElementals}}} Zorbu
Fiends: {{{NumberOfFiends}}} Zorbu
Giants: {{{NumberOfGiants}}} Zorbu
Drow: {{{NumberOfDrow}}} Zorbu
Ranged*: {{{NumberOfRanged}}}
Hit-based: {{{NumberOfHitBased}}}
Outdoors: {{{NumberOfOutdoors}}}
Level Enemy Enemy-Type Enemy-Race
1/51/101 etc. Giant Fly, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
2/52/102 etc. Giant Fly, Panther Beast, Beast
3/53/103 etc. Boar, Panther Beast, Beast
4/54/104 etc. Boar Beast
5/55/105 etc. Boar Beast
Boss Angry Boar Beast
6/56/106 etc. Panther Beast
7/57/107 etc. Panther, Zombie Villager Beast, Undead
8/58/108 etc. Panther, Skeleton, Zombie Villager Beast, Undead, Undead
9/59/109 etc. Panther Beast
10/60/110 etc. Panther Beast
Boss Battle Scarred Panther Beast
11/61/111 etc. Giant Fly Beast
12/62/112 etc. Giant Fly, Will-o'-Wisp Beast, Undead
13/63/113 etc. Giant Fly, Will-o'-Wisp Beast, Undead
14/64/114 etc. Giant Fly Beast
15/65/115 etc. Giant Fly Beast
Boss Swarm of Flies Beast
16/66/116 etc. Giant Rat Beast
17/67/117 etc. Giant Caterpillar, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
18/68/118 etc. Giant Caterpillar, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
19/69/119 etc. Giant Rat Beast
20/70/120 etc. Giant Rat Beast
Boss Assassin Vine Plant
21/71/121 etc. Flying Snake, Giant Rat Beast, Beast
22/72/122 etc. Flying Snake Beast
23/73/123 etc. Flying Monkey, Flying Snake Beast, Beast
24/74/124 etc. Flying Monkey, Flying Snake Beast, Beast
25/75/125 etc. Flying Snake Beast
Boss Flying Snake Swarm Beast
26/76/126 etc. Giant Rat, Zorbo Beast, Monstrosity
27/77/127 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
28/78/128 etc. Flying Monkey, Zorbo Beast, Monstrosity
29/79/129 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
30/80/130 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
Boss Particularly Vicious Zorbo Monstrosity
31/81/131 etc. Zorbo Monstrosity
32/82/132 etc. Giant Fly Beast
33/83/133 etc. Giant Caterpillar, Giant Fly Beast, Beast
34/84/134 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
35/85/135 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
Boss Quetzalcoatlus Beast
36/86/136 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
37/87/137 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
38/88/138 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
39/89/139 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
40/90/140 etc. Pterafolk Monstrosity
Boss Pterafolk Leader Monstrosity
41/91/141 etc. Flying Monkey, Flying Snake Beast, Beast
42/92/142 etc. Crawling Claw, Flying Snake Undead, Beast
43/93/143 etc. Crawling Claw, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
44/94/144 etc. Crawling Claw, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
45/95/145 etc. Crawling Claw Undead
Boss Su-Monster Monstrosity
46/96/146 etc. Skeleton, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
47/97/147 etc. Skeleton, Skeleton Archer (Ranged), Zombie Villager Undead, Undead, Undead
48/98/148 etc. Ghoul, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer (Ranged) Undead, Undead, Undead
49/99/149 etc. Undead, Zombie Villager Undead, Undead
50/100/150 etc. Flesh Golem, Zombie Villager Construct, Undead
Boss Nanny Pu'pu Humanoid

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