Familiars unlock once you have reached Area 66 in any campaign (for most existing players they will become available right away).

  • Familiars click at different rates depending on the task they're assigned to:
  • Leveling champions/click damage (1 slot each): 1 click per second.
  • Using Ultimates (4 slots): 1 click on a random available Ultimate per 30 seconds.
  • Clicking monsters (6 slots): 5 clicks per second.
    • If 3 or more familiars are assigned to click monsters, they will pick up gold and quest items.
    • If 5 or more are assigned to click monsters, they will open and loot the gem bag.
    • If 6 are assigned to click monsters, they will automatically click distractions.
Name Costs
MageHand Mage Hand 1,000 Gems
A commonly summoned magical poking device.
Pixie Pixie 1.00e04 Gems
She's taking some time off from the riding races.
Armored Juniper Armored Juniper 3.00e04 Gems
The armor can make it difficult to click
Almiraj Almiraj 5.00e04 Gems
Brought to Chult from the distant land of Zakhara.
Boo Boo 7.00e04 Gems
Go for the eye-buttons, Boo!
Gazer icon Gazer 14.99$ / 14.99 € / 11.39£
An adorable pet for your everyday evil mage.
Chwinga icon Chwinga 9.99$ / 9.99€ / 7.19£
Painfully shy, Chwingas are fascinated by humanoids.
Pseudodragon Pseudodragon 19.99$ / 19.99€ / 19.99£
The playful version of a terrible destructive dragon.
Stinky Stinky 9.99$ / 8.19€ / 7.19£
A cute little Cranium Rat Slightly smelly.
Black Cat Black Cat 4.99$ / 3.99€ / 3.99£
Your standard button-poking cat.
Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon 14.99$ / 12.49€ / 11.39£
Your average cat-sized dragon with butterfly wings.
Gift-Wrapped Mimic Gift-Wrapped Mimic Can be get by opening 4 Birthday Chests
The reward for participating in the first anniversary event.
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