Equipment can be found in chests - silver chests for common, uncommon and rare equipment and golden chests for uncommon, rare and epic equipment.

  • Bonus "Shiny" equipment cards may be obtained through special incentives, or very rarely in chests. They may be of any rarity, but getting any one applies the Shiny status to the equipment slot permanently.
  • Bonus “Golden Epic” equipment cards are generally only available as a purchase bonus for real money transactions, though specific Golden Epic cards may become available through free means at Codename Entertainment's discretion.
Bruenor 1 1 Bruenor 1 2 Bruenor 1 3 Bruenor 1 4

Every item has a certain proficiency. For items which reduce an Ultimate Attack's cooldown, they reduce the cooldown by a percentage of its total, which is shown in the thumbnail as a number of seconds.

Damage of the Hero 50% 125% 200% 350%
Damage of all Champions 10% 65% 120% 230%
Increase Effect of an Ability 25% 87.5% 150% 275%
Buff Ultimate Attack 25% 87.5% 150% 275%
Reduce Cooldown of Ultimate Attack 2.5% 5% 10% 25%

Every duplicate item (or item of lower rarity) will level up the item and buff the item's proficiency. A higher-rarity item will replace the old item but keep the old level.

Common (White) +1 + 0.4%
Uncommon (Green) +2 + 0.8%
Rare (Blue) +6 + 2.4%
Epic (Purple) +24 + 9.6%

A Shiny piece of equipment (silver trim) will permanently grant a 50% bonus to the proficiency of its respective equipment slot, applied before the equipment level calculation. A Golden Epic piece of equipment (golden trim) will override Shiny and grant a 100% bonus in the same fashion. If a piece of Shiny equipment becomes Golden, you will also receive a Potion of Polish as compensation.

Bruenor 3 2Card back Bruenor 5 3shShiny back Bruenor 2 4gGolden back

There is currently only a known cap on bonuses for items that Reduce Cooldown of Ultimate Attack. Item level 501 is the cap for regular non-shiny gear. This brings the maximum possible cooldown reduction for any Ultimate Attack to 75% of the base cooldown (i.e. Bruenor's Bash goes from 60 seconds down to 15 seconds). For Shiny items, the cap is 251, and for Golden Epic items, it is 126. Currently it appears if you are OVER (not AT) the cap level, the item will no longer appear in chests (unless getting a rarity upgrade). This means reaching 502, 252, or 127 will remove that item from the loot pool. If you have a non-shiny item above the Shiny or Golden Epic level, and you upgrade it to Shiny or Golden Epic the levels will stay, however the effect is still capped as though it was the normal maximum level. This may change in the future.

If you have all the unique Shiny gear possible from a chest and receive a duplicate Shiny, the increase in levels will now be multiplied by 5. (added in v0.141)

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