Liars' Night
Wednesday October 25th, 2017 3:00 PM - Monday November 6th 12:00 PM (noon)
It's a night of celebration and general merriment, but watch your coat pockets, unless you prefer to have candy exchanged for your coin. Gather your party and secure the local drinking establishment against deviants and pickpockets.
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TheTrickstersDelight StealthyPickpockets CostumedFoes ItsGettingDarker TheTrickstersDelight
25 LiarsTarts
Originally 100 LiarsTarts
250 LiarsTarts
Originally 500 LiarsTarts
625 LiarsTarts
Originally 2500 LiarsTarts
1250 LiarsTarts
Originally 5000 LiarsTarts
500-2500 LiarsTarts
Originally 2500 LiarsTarts
The Trickster's Delight (Krond) Stealthy Pickpockets Costumed Foes It's Getting Darker The Trickster's Delight
Free Play (Krond)
LiarsNightAchievement1 LiarsNightAchievement2 LiarsNightAchievement3 LiarsNightAchievement4 LiarsNightAchievement5
Recruit Krond The Trickster's End Heritage Endless Tricks Arcane Versatility
Krond ava
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