Thursday Sept. 28th 2017 9:30 PM - Monday Oct. 9th 2017 12:00 PM (noon)
Highharvestide is upon us. The autumn harvest is marked by feasting and thanks, but this year finds some bandits causing trouble on a few farms near Triboar. Gather your party and put an end to the foolish incursion, and recruit new Champion Stami "Stoki" Gackle while you do it.
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HighHarvestTide Adv1 HighHarvestTide Adv2 HighHarvestTide Adv3 HighHarvestTide Adv4 HighHarvestTide Adv1
25 HarvestBaskets
Originally 100 HarvestBaskets
250 HarvestBaskets
Originally 500 HarvestBaskets
625 HarvestBaskets
Originally 2500 HarvestBaskets
1250 HarvestBaskets
Originally 5000 HarvestBaskets
500-2500 HarvestBaskets
Originally 2500 HarvestBaskets
The Bandit's Harvest (Stoki) The Farmer's Kids Due Dilligence Wanton Necromancy The Bandit's Harvest Free Play (Stoki)
HighHarvestTideAchievement1 HighHarvestTideAchievement2 HighHarvestTideAchievement3 HighHarvestTideAchievement4 HighHarvestTideAchievement5
Recruit Stoki Harvest Interrupted Solemnly Geared Endless Harvest I Loosened It for You
Stoki ava
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