Earning Points
High Rollers Rogue's Gambit PointsHigh Rollers Rogue's Gambit Points 2
As demonstrated in the image above points can be earned by completing adventures, adventure variants, or free plays. Every new adventure or variant gives 5 points. The first free-play of the day also earns 5 points and every subsequent free play that day earns 1 points.

On free-plays one must hit the target level. The target level starts at 50, increases by 10 for every free-play completed. Every day the target level goes down by 50 (to a minimum of 50). You get no additional points for completing any level beyond the target level.

Example: You start your first free play and finish level 50 so you get 5 points and the target level increases to 60. You then do 12 more free-play runs to the target level that day increasing the target level to 180 and earning 12 more points for a total of 18 points that day. The next day after the timer runs out the target drops down to 130 and that is the level you must beat to get the first 5 free-play points that day.

Dice for the Next Episode
High Rollers Rogue's Gambit Dice
All the points gotten by all the players are added together. When the sum becomes greater then a the amount need for the next dice the number next to the bar is increased and the bar resets to empty. Each additional dice requires more points to get. During the live broadcast D&D game the players on "Dice, Camera, Action" will be able to use the dice to improve their odds of success on ability checks and saves.
Personal Rewards
High Rollers Rogue's Gambit Personal Rewards
In addition to the dice for the players on "Dice, Camera, Action" a veriety of personal rewards can also be obtained by getting points, with each reward being given for a certain point total.
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