Feast of the Moon
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Thursday November 16th, 2017 1:08:00PM - November 28th at noon PST
Also called Moonfest in cities and the South, this holiday celebrates ancestors and the honored dead. It is a day when many folk gather to tell stories and legends about the dead, especially their ancestors. Graves are blessed (in part to prevent undead rising from them), and families perform the Ritual of Remembrance. Your champions are taking this day to pay respects at a nearby crypt full of locally admired heroes of old.
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25 Skulls
Originally 100 Skulls
250 Skulls
Originally 1000 Skulls
625 Skulls
Originally 2500 Skulls
1250 Skulls
Originally 5000 Skulls
500-2500 Skulls
Originally 2500 Skulls
The Crypt of Legends (Gromma) Respectful Restraint The Relentless Undead A Grand Nandventure The Crypt of Legends Free Play (Gromma)
Achievement FeastoftheMoon 1 Achievement FeastoftheMoon 2 Achievement FeastoftheMoon 3 Achievement FeastoftheMoon 4 Achievement FeastoftheMoon 5
Gromma Nander
A Heavy Feast Knick-Knacks
For The Shell
Endless Feasting Versitortle
Gromma ava
Gaarawarr's Guide

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