Divine Favor is always earned upon completing an adventure, regardless of the success of any optional objectives. The amount of Favor received is based on the total amount of Gold earned during that run. In turn, Favor increases your Gold Find bonus, allowing you to earn more Gold than you did previously. This will earn more Favor and, along with Equipment and Blessings, is a means of progression in the game. Favor only affects the Gold Find in the campaign in which it was earned.

Permanent Campaign FavorEdit

Permanent Favor can be spent on Blessings, some of which apply to all campaigns.

Favor Deity Campaign
DivineFavor Torm A Grand Tour of the Sword Coast
Kelemvors favor Kelemvor Tomb of Annihilation
Helms favor Helm Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

Event FavorEdit

Event favor only lasts for one event. Afterwards you must convert it to one of the permanent favors within a week. The amount is a % of the chosen permanent favor as shown in the Conversion table.

Mystras favor from Time Gates must be converted immediately when the time gates closes or is closed.

Favor Deity Event
Chaunteas Favor Chauntea Highharvestide
Leira's Favor Leira Liars' Night
Jergals Favor Jergal Feast of the Moon
Shar's Favor Shar Simril
OghmasFavor Oghma Wintershield
Aurilsfavor Auril Midwinter
SunesFavor Sune Grand Revel
UmberleesFavor Umberlee Fleetswake
Lliira's Favor Lliira Festival of Fools
LathandersFavor Lathander Greengrass
RillifanesFavor Rillifane The Running
GondsFavor Gond The Great Modron March
Waukeens favor Waukeen Dragondown
Asmodeus favor Asmodeus Founders' Day
Savras Favor Savras Midsummer
Azuths favor Azuth Ahghairon's Day
Mystras Favor Mystra -Time Gates-
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