Event Chests
* Gold Event Chests contain almost the same item distribution as Normal Chests, but the guaranteed Buff is replaced with a Bounty (except in Gold Stoki, Krond, and Gromma Chests) and the chance to earn Gear from the random card is 50%, with a 25% chance each for a Bounty and a Buff.
* Silver Event Chests do not contain Buffs, but are otherwise the same as Normal Silvers.
* Any Equipment found will only be for the Champion who is unlocked in the corresponding Event.
* Finishing an Event Free Play awards a "Random Chest" after completing Area 50 or higher, which will be either Gold (33% chance) or Silver (66% chance).
* If you receive 3 Silver Chests from the same Event Free Play consecutively, the 4th one is guaranteed to be Gold.
* The Pity Timers for Epic Gear and Gold Chests from Free Play are specific to the chest type and will not carry over to the next event.
Event Champion Gold Silver Random
Highharvestide Button
Stoki icon
GoldenChestHarvest SilverChestHarvest RandomChestHarvest
LiarsNight Button
Krond icon
GoldenChestLiarsNight SilverChestLiarsNight RandomChestLiarsNight
FeastoftheMoon Button
Gromma icon
FeastoftheMoon GoldChest FeastoftheMoon SilverChest FeastoftheMoon RandomChest
Simril Button
Dhadius icon
Simril GoldChest Simril SilverChest Simril RandomChest
Wintershield Button
Barrowin icon
Golden Wintershield Chest Silver Wintershield Chest Random Wintershield Chest
Midwinter Button
Regis icon
Golden Midwinter Chest Silver Midwinter Chest Random Midwinter Chest
GrandRevel Button
Birdsong icon
Golden Grand Revel Chest Silver Grand Revel Chest Random Grand Revel Chest
Fleetswake Button
Zorbu icon
Golden Fleetswake Chest Silver Fleetswake Chest Random Fleetswake Chest
Festivaloffools Button
Strix icon
Golden Festival of Fools Chest Silver Festival of Fools Chest Random Festival of Fools Chest
Greengrass Button
Nrakk icon
Golden Greengrass Chest Silver Greengrass Chest Random Greengrass Chest
TheRunning Button
Catti-brie icon
Golden The Running Chest Silver The Running Chest Random The Running Chest
TheGreatModronMarch Button
Evelyn icon
Golden Great Modron March Chest Silver Great Modron March Chest Random Great Modron March Chest
Dragondown Button
Binwin icon
Golden Dragondown Chest Silver Dragondown Chest Random Dragondown Chest
Founders Day Button
Deekin icon
Golden FoundersDay Chest Silver FoundersDay Chest Random FoundersDay Chest
Midsummer Button
Diath icon
Golden Midsummer Chest Silver Midsummer Chest Random Midsummer Chest
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